Thursday, 28 April 2011

Rain - or - Why I haven't entered the dressage

So finally, I get some sort of a life where work is not the total focus of my attention. I might even get the weekend off this week!

And it starts to rain. And rain, AND RAIN. Man, has it rained! I'm a girl from the Naki, and I grew up being rained on daily but this has been spectacular. They have had to evacuate people from the beach-side settlements, part of Napier hill has collapsed in a landslide and they are warning people not to drive if they can avoid it.

So, naturally, not much chance of dragging the horse out of the paddock and doing any riding. I suspect he is a furry little mudball anyway, as he is a bit of a mud lark and one who looovves a good wallow. But to be honest, I am tired and just can't be bothered in forcing myself to ride just because I "should" be entered in the Winter Dressage series. So I figure I will offer to write for the judges, earn myself some brownie points with the dressage gods, and look to enter for next time (June). Hopefully by then I might have managed to sit upon my horse and get some lessons and therefore not disgrace ourselves (like last time).

And this weekend, well, I might just take some afternoon naps, like Max here.

Monday, 25 April 2011


So, another vintage over, and I can return to thinking about my horse.

He hasn't been neglected, I've just been too busy to spend as much time with him as I would like. He's had a lovely break at his second home, running up and down and along the hills. Before he was turned out, he had a very sore back and the physio agreed that some time off would do him the world of good. Now, I just need to get her back to check him over, and we can spend the winter working on our flatwork.
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