Thursday, 1 March 2012

February - goals/achievements

Wow, March already! And officially the start of autumn for us down here next to Antartica.

Not much riding got done this month, due to an exponentially growing workload and all-round crap weather. We have officially had a "stink summer" this year through all of NZ, and although the ground is still pretty good and soft, it hasn't been much chop for anything much. We've spent more time in the indoor arena than we usually do in winter. Okay, maybe not, but you know....

February Goals:
1 - Pilates for my position and core strength.

Success (sort of). We started a horse-focussed Pilates course with Max's physio (she's a Pilates instructor too, as well as a human physio) and we've done 3 sessions. Not much core strength, but some flexibility shown. Definitely wonky all round, but that's not unusual in our group so we all feel about as useless as each other.
I must do some practise though!

2 - Work on trot for both of us, and our fitness

Ummm....Fail. See above for comments on not much riding time. I've only had two riding lesson this month due to one thing and another, once Max had his back up and so we did lots of walking, the other time he was sticking me up, so my coach got on board. So he's improved but me, not so much.

3 - Canter work to improve balance and control. Refine the aids, ensure the correct lead every time

Fail. Ditto lack of riding, but this is an on-going goal so it just goes on the list again.

4 - Continue going on adventures out and about BUT no jig-jogging

Success. We went out solo around the vineyard and had no bolting, just a tad of jig-jogging which was firmly nipped in the bud. He was a bit stressed as they have started the bird-scaring (sparkly tape, bangers etc) and threw a tantrum went we got back to the float. We also went out to a friend's place and hacked for two hours over the hills. Just a little bit of jogging, and one fall (more later on that). AND we went to the Hunt Club's practise day for an outing, and he coped pretty well with the hooning about/whip cracking/lunatic ponies/killer water pump shed. Just one or two one-rein stops when he felt like he was going to leave town. A fellow green horse owner commented on how chilled out he seemed. But then that might be relative to her stroppy skewbald mare who was having a right old paddy!

March goals:
  • Work on trot for both of us
  • Canter work
  • (Hippo)Pilates, and practise!
Unfortunately, March is the start of our crazy/busy season at work. So Max gets to have a nice little holiday where he runs around on some hills, and I go into horse-deprivation. However, there is a sneaky plan where someone else might ride him in some of the Winter Dressage....