Friday, 10 June 2011


Now that I have 2 tests to ride this Sunday, I am wondering why I keep entering things.

We are not ready to be seen in public.

We won't be cantering at A, and so will get a big fat 0 on that movement.

On both legs.

So we will come last (unless someone is silly enough to get eliminated).
We got eliminated last time for jumping out of the arena.

My coach is probably just too polite to tell me that I'm just wasting my money and time.

I can't ride to save myself.

I have to plait Max up, and that is going to be a dog's breakfast. And I'm not even going to attempt to plait his tail, or pull it. It is lovely and natural, and is going to stay that way.

I'm going home to drink some wine now. (Sob).

Thursday, 9 June 2011

RIP Huia

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My favourite little RDA horse went to pony heaven the other day.

It wasn't my decision, although as I am on the committee, I guess I am partly responsible. But she was starting to lose her enjoyment of life. She couldn't get down to roll, was losing weight, and just seemed very tired. It's so sad when they lose their verve and you know what the best thing to do is.

We arranged for her to go on one final float trip to a friend's farm a bit south of here. She travelled okay, despite our concerns, and came off the float with her wonderfully fluffy ears all a-pricked, looking to see where she was. She had a last few carrots, the girls said goodbye while the vet gave the initial anesthetic, and then it was quietly all over.

I'm glad we were able to give our loyal and hard working pony a respectful end. Although she didn't have enough teeth left to figure out her age, we thought she was at least 35. A lack of teeth never stopped her from eating carrots, she just jiggled them around her mouth till she found two opposing ones, then CRUNCH. She had a long and often hard life - she had the swollen hock and scars to prove it. Her career had included everything from teaching little ones to ride, to pony club pony, to babysitter for racehorses to therapy horse. We were amazed at the number of local people who would come into the RDA and say "Is that Huia?".  She was well-known and well loved.

But she wasn't perfect either. She had a wonderful sense of humour and a naughty streak. She was legendary for being difficult to catch if she didn't feel like working. Apparently she would rark up the baby racehorses really badly and she dumped most of her riders in her younger days. We would indulge her in late life, letting her think she had "escaped" and allow her to roam and graze all around the property - including my back yard. I never did get a photo of her calmly cropping at my lawn, while standing under the clothes line. I really wish I had.

Farewell old girl, you are sadly missed.