Friday, 6 January 2012

A good horse is never a bad colour

From The Young Lady's Equestrian Manual (circa 1838)

"Of all colours presented by the horse, none is so rich and at the same time, so elegant and chaste, as a bright bay; provided the mane, tail and lower parts of the legs be black. A small white star on the forehead, and a white speck on one of the heels, are to be considered rather as beauties than defects: but much white either on the face or legs … is quite the reverse of desirable."

Ha! I'm finally fashionable. 
Only two hundred years or so too late, of course.

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  1. Hi, Sharon - popped over and had to comment on this one as I read this same quote someplace recently and though how cool! I'm in fashion with the Big Handsome Bay! :)

    Max reminds me of him quite a lot - very handsome fellows indeed. :)